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Y3K, LLC - Gâteaux surgelés

c/o Subzero
Aspect house
Pattenden lane

TN12 9QJ Marden


Crème glacée fantastique primée, gâteaux à la crème glacée, gâteau au fromage blanc étuvé, gâteaux américains – meilleurs produits de boulangerie Gulfood – meilleurs produits de boulangerie Yummex – 2e prix de l’innovation du Sial ME - meilleurs produits alimentaires pour le déjeuner ! Disponibles sans OGM, sans gluten et sans alcool.

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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : UK PAVILION - PS8 - FDEA

Communiqué de presse

  • Serve Ice Cream Without A Freezer

    15 Aout 2018

    Y3K is applying ice cream technology to patisserie and will be launching at Sial on the UK Stand in Hall 2 a range of desserts that are effectively superpremium ice cream but which can be held in a freezer for 2 years, served without a freezer in a chilled cabinet for 5 days or 1-2 hours at ambient and thaw quickly being ready to eat in about 15-30minutes depending on kitchen conditions.
    The first - Cosmic Cookie Mousse Cake¿ - is a cookies and cream mousse made from America's two top selling cookies - Oreos and Chocolate Chip - on a crunchy Oreo base lavished with even more cookies.
    Ice cream is the number 1 selling dessert across the world accounting for half of dessert sales. However many outlets are effectively prohibited from selling ice cream due to a lack of freezer space (such as coffee shops) or difficulty in getting the product from the freezer to the guest at the right temperature (airlines, home delivery or high volume banqueting).
    Most mousse and chilled dairy products that are sold commercially or prepared by chefs are made from powder and water, have a relatively low spec (low fat, low solids) and are typically marketed in traditional flavors without the wildly exciting chunky varieties of modern ice cream brands that consumers now demand.
    Conversely the ice cream market has found that by making products richer with more solids (solids givws the product more mouthfeel), more intense fun and funky chunk laden natural flavors and cleaner labels consumers could be tempted to indulge without price restraint, identify with the brand and outlet that serves it and clamor for more. High end so called superpremium ice cream has been the fastest growing segment of the ice cream market and now accounts for roughly 1/3 of ice cream sales from nothing in mid 1900s.
    We will be greatly expanding the market and in essence providing businesses such as coffee shops and airlines access to the ice cream market where they have been long been denied.
    Pre-portioned, Available GMO Free alcohol free, Stocked in UK.

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