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Villa Vainilla

Villa Vainilla - Vanille

Calle 21 # 372 x 4 y 2 Chablekal
97305 Merida

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  • Mexico is keeping a great secret.

    04 Septembre 2018

    Having the perfect conditions, vanilla was born within its territory. Into this day it is considered the best in the world.
    What makes Mexican vanilla so extraordinary compared to the rest of the world? To discover it we must understand history. Geographical and climatic characteristics of the place from where this extraordinary product originates.
    Papantla is a beautiful, picturesque area of Veracruz in Mexico which gave its name in 2009 to the denomination of origin Vanilla of Papantla.
    What is it that makes Papantla so special? There are five unique factors.
    ¿ One; the soil with more than 10 meters deep of permeable soil and filled with organic and mineral compounds.
    ¿ Two; climate with humidity close to 100% most of the year and a weather phenomenon called Cold Front generates changes in temperature and a chemical effect on plants that enriches and promotes their development.
    ¿ Three, the vanilla plant grows in the shade of citrus trees mainly orange threes which brings flavor and aroma
    ¿ Four, the height. 200 meters above sea level creates the perfect conditions for vanilla
    ¿ Five, the bees that pollinate naturally its unique worldwide since it can not live in other places.

    Although the vanilla was already used by the Totonacas and mixed finally with chocolatl, currently called chocolate it was taken to Europe by the Spanish conquistadors who named it because its fruit resembles a scabbard of a sword but tiny similar to green beans.
    The demanding need to grow vanilla in greater quantities was forcing the refreshment, cosmetic and perfume industry to plant in other places like Madagascar in Africa or Tahiti in Asia but not naturally; in green houses pollinating artificially or worse using chemicals to try to replace natural conditions.
    At Villa Vainilla we are proud to be kosher and to have been certified by BRC but we are even more proud to a Mexican company ran by Mexican women.

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