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  • Beyond the nut, Beyond today

    21 Octobre 2018

    BeyondTM is excited to announce the launch of its brand at SIAL 2018. BeyondTM is the culmination of nearly a decade of the hard work and endurance necessary to realize otherwise intangible dreams.
    In 2010, we dared to change the cashew market in Benin, West Africa. 98% of the cashews grown in West Africa were being shipped to other countries for processing, which exported jobs, wealth, and opportunity. We decided to go BeyondTM expectations and the status quo. We knew our BeyondTM was to partner with a local community to create a thriving, sustainable cashew value-chain.
    That local community is in central Benin, where today, we employee 650 women and men, and we buy from 7,000 cashew farmers, empowering them to #gobeyondTM. Over 50% of our employees are women, including management and administrative staff. We train women farmers at four times the rate that women participate in the farming of cashews. Through train-the-trainer methodology, we introduce a training skill set for the lead farmers, who teach other farmers what they have learned from us.
    We source locally, because our mission is tied to the local community. We teach local farmers simple and sustainable methods that quadruple production and increase quality, while introducing agri-diversity in the form of intercropping of other staple foods. All of this helps them go BeyondTM sustenance or hobby farming to become agribusiness-women and men.
    Our local sourcing goes BeyondTM feel good. BeyondTM Cashews taste good, partly due to local sourcing. Tree to bag, the average cashew travels 10,000 miles, while BeyondTM Cashews travel less than 100 miles, sealing in freshness to fuel your BeyondTM.
    We can think of nothing better than to share our cashews and their stories with the world. How will you go BeyondTM? Show us your BeyondTM. #gobeyondTM.
    Come visit us at from October 21 - 25, in Paris Nord Villepinte at SIAL Stand 5A J 207.

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