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Schur Star Systems

Schur Star Systems - Fournitures et conditionnement d'emballage

Liebigstr. 7
24941 Flensburg


Schur®Star Systems est l’un des premiers fournisseurs en Europe de solutions complètes d’emballage flexible. Forte d’une expérience et d’un savoir-faire acquis au fil des décennies, nous fournissons l’industrie européenne en solutions d’emballage personnalisées.

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  • Australian high-end brand in Schur®Star Box Bag

    01 Aout 2018

    Schur®Star Box Bag ensures attention to the product

    Supermarket shelves are packed with products seeking the consumer's attention. This is why the greatest possible exposure was the objective when one of Australia's prime providers of seafood selected the pack for its exclusive Ocean Blue Trout Portions. The result is an eye-catching design signaling freshness and superior quality, with appeal to health-conscious consumers. A growing number of frozen products are sold from upright freezers, making the Schur®Star Box Bag the obvious choice. Its box-shaped bottom makes the bag stand stable on the shelf, with plenty of room for communication of product profile and product information.

    Brand loyalty takes superior product quality

    A first-time purchase is of no greater value, if not followed up by re-purchase - which takes superior quality throughout the entire lifetime of the product. The packaging must ensure that taste and quality remain unchanged from the day the product was processed and packed. The Schur®Star Box Bag is made of a laminate that preserves the valuable nutrient contents of the trout and protects the product efficiently against any impact from outside. The Schur®Star Lock zipper maintains the product quality unchanged till the very last bite. Last, but not least the convenient storage contributes effectively to reducing food waste.

    The Schur®Star Concept: Maximum flexibility, reduced complexity

    The key elements of the Schur®Star Concept are maximum flexibility and reduced complexity. With the Schur®Star Packaging Machine and pre-made Schur®Star Bags, linked on a string, a smooth packing process is ensured. The Schur®Star Packaging Machine allows for a quick and easy exchange between bag constructions and sizes, change-over between manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic filling can be carried out just as quickly. The machine can easily be incorporated into an existing production line and likewise be combined with additional process equipment.

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