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  • Colombia Arrives at Sial with a Wide Offer of Coffee, Fruits, Panela and Biscuits

    21 Octobre 2018

    The South American country is investing in the development of agriculture and the food industry to promote the countryside.

    Colombia arrives at Sial 2018, the world's largest food innovation exhibition, with a promotional campaign called Colombian food, as exciting as its origin that explains the origin, diversity and quality of the food the country exports to the world and, above all, it introduces the farmers and entrepreneurs behind its flagship products.
    ProColombia is accompanying a delegation of 12 Colombian companies, recognized for their offering of exotic fruits (such as bananas, pineapple, mango, avocado or organic acai), spray dried instant coffee, organic pulverized panela, glazes, brights or toppings, which will have an important trade agenda with buyers from all over the world. The stand of the South American country will be in 8 H 063. Coffee, panela and fruits will be offered during the fair.
    Some Colombian products such as coffee, juices or biscuits will also be available in the cocktail bar of the pavilion.
    Colombia, an exciting origin
    Colombia is unique due to its location, biodiversity and its people. It is precisely the people that are the narrative thread of the `Colombian foods' campaign, through which Colombia wants to position its agribusiness offering.
    These characteristics are presented in four commercial videos, one displaying the general agricultural offer, and three exposing specific products like cocoa, fruits, trout, and tilapia. Colombian farmers, their families, the country's wealth in water, its soils, and the origin and variety of its fruits are highlighted in the videos.
    ProColombia, along with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and the Productive Transformation Program's (PTP) support is in charge of taking the campaign to international fairs such as Sial.

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