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PEDON - Légumes secs / Légumineuses (lentille, pois, haricot...)

Via del Progresso, 32
36060 Molvena



Pedon est une société Européenne qui transforme, emballe et
distribue légumineuses, céréales (séchés et à cuisson rapide) et graines. Secteurs d'activité supplémentaires sont: produits sans gluten et biologiques.

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  • PEDON AT SIAL 2018

    03 Aout 2018

    Molvena (VI), August 3rd, 2018 -Our participation under the sign of pulses firmly states the extent to which they are nowadays the symbol of a new lifestyle. As a consequence of a growing awareness on proper nutrition and environment, pulses are becoming an excellent substitute of meat in consumers' diet thanks to their high content in vegetable proteins whose demand is steadily growing, if compared to animal proteins. Another remarkable feature of pulses is their content in fibres, minerals and vitamins, absence of gluten and cholesterol and low glycemic index, which makes them a proper food also for those who suffer from diabetes. Healthy and planet-friendly: as a matter of fact, pulses are one of the most eco-sustainable crops, natural fertilizers that can grow on difficult terrains, which helps farmers keep healthy and cultivated even lands that would be otherwise neglected.

    This approach is represented in an excellent way by the already well-known range More Than Pasta, the pasta obtained from only pulse flour, GMO-free, without allergens such as gluten and soy, Kosher certified and available in organic option as well. Rich in fibres and proteins, it meets any kind of dietary requirement and is an excellent alternative to traditional carbohydrates.
    "More than" is our new concept where we replace wheat, corn, and rice with pulses, in order to deliver better nutritional qualities and higher eco-sustainability. All products are easy and quick to prepare to enjoy pulses
    without spending hours in the kitchen. 100% natural, vegan and non-GMO. With More than Pasta Pedon presents More than Rice, More than Cous Cous, More than Bulgur and finally More than Purée.

    This is a range with a high innovation and service content, exclusively designed for foreign markets, available both under original and private brand, that perfectly meets the demand of modern consumer in healthy and quick to prepare products with a high nutritional content.

    Hall 5B - stand K-087

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