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Made Tea


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  • ~~from Farm to a cup~~

    08 Décembre 2018

    *Made Tea Vision *

    Made with Love ~Made for life

    "Our vision is everyone around us living a healthy lifestyle in a such a way where it is effortless like drinking a cup of tea."

    Made Tea Concept and Mission

    A sustainable life of Indonesian plants herbs that can be grown easily in Bali.
    We add value to each herb by producing high quality healing blends of Tea.
    We source locally and collaborates with local community farmers. In return, the farmers receive more disposable income.
    Moreover, we hope dearly that the local next generations will continue to value agriculture and farming for the amazing indigenous healing plants and herbs.

    Why Made Tea is Unique.
    Made Tea blends are made from natural herbal teas which are grown and produced in rich fertile soil of Ubud Bali.

    We guarantee our blends are 100% from natural herbs with no additives or preservatives.
    Made Teas are concoction of local healing herbs. They offer long term health benefits when consumed regularly

    *Our Garden*
    Pesticide free farming for Made Tea ingredients.

    *Our Farmers *
    We not only grow the herbs and plants at our farm but also work together with local farmers to supply us the ingredients.
    *Women Empowerment*
    Most of our employee are Housewives around the neighbourhood work with us for production and packaging.

    They work either full or part-time. It is important for them to have a flexible timetable thus they can still play their role in community and family.

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