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MONINI S.P.A. - Produits d'épicerie biologiques

Strada Statale 3 Flaminia Km 129
06049 Spoleto


Communiqués de presse

  • Monocultivar: the roots of quality, 100% Italian, 100% Organic

    15 Juin 2018

    A new range of three fine MONOCULTIVAR extra virgin olive oils developed with the aim of creating products characterised by quality without compromises, using only 100% Italian and 100% organic olives. The philosophy of the Monini family has always been to produce impeccable extra virgin olive oils of superior quality that remains consistent over time. This idea has inspired Mr Monini to offer a new range, certified organic along its entire production chain, from olive grove to table. Monini Monocultivar are quality extra virgin olive oils made with olives coming just from single varieties: Nocellara / Frantoio / Coratina. Only organic and 100% Italian olives were harvested in selected territories, analysed in the DNA to choose the perfect ripening stage, washed and dried to minimise the bacteriological charge and the temperatures were kept constantly low during the whole production process. The oil extraction was made with cutting-edge technology in our olive mill in Spoleto and soon after the oils were filtered to reach their unparalleled taste. Mr. Zefferino Monini, with his experience and expertise, has constantly contributed to the continuous improvement of the final products, providing precious advices to obtain high quality products with their unique distinguished fragrances.
    Cultivar Coratina from Apulia presents intense floral and almond aromas, fresh on the palate it is characterised by an intense and persistent bitterness and spiciness. Cultivar Nocellara from Sicily presents fragrances of tomato leaves, freshly cut herbs, It has an extremely balanced flavour, slightly bitter and spicy.
    Cultivar Frantoio from central Italy presents intense artichoke and thistle aromas, with green almond notes. It is fresh and balanced, intensely and persistently bitter and spicy.
    The three of them: Nocellara Bio, Frantoio Bio and Coratina Bio, were awards-winning in many important contests for extra virgin olive oils all over the world.

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