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MARESI AUSTRIA - Lait aromatisé

Hietzinger Hauptstrasse 119-121
1130 Vienna

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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : AUSTRIAN FEDERAL ECONOMIC CHAMBER - WKO

Communiqué de presse

  • Maresi, my authentic piece of Austria

    11 Juillet 2018

    We turn products into brands and brands into market leaders and we do this by the Austrian way - success based on tradition.

    Maresi Austria together with the subsidiaries in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania form the Maresi Group. They are part of VIVATIS Holding
    AG, one of Austria's largest food and beverage companies. Since it was founded in 1949, Maresi has developed into one of the most successful branded product companies of Austrian origin. For more than 60 years Maresi has been a reliable and competent partner for retailers and the food manufacturing industry.

    The Vienna Ice Coffee range combines the traditional Viennese Coffee Culture with a modern coffee-to-go concept. It is a very smooth ready to drink pure coffee with cream and milk. Vienna Ice Coffee is the creamiest Austrian ice coffee and the perfect power-kick for in-between. Besides our "classic" flavour we offer the product without additional sugar or sweetener, a lightly sweetened cappuccino with low fat milk, a pure black coffee, Vanilla Cream and our Vienna Cacao Drink.

    NEW: Coco aloha is the alternative to conventional milk and all existing milk alternatives. It guarantees delicious taste made of pure coconut milk bottled in a convenient cup to-go (cappuccino and cocoa). Besides that, three more SKU¿s are available since April 2018: coconut milk and two fruit drinks to-go in the flavours banana and pina colada.

    Our technical know-how allowed us to make our Vienna Ice Coffee shelf stable at ambient temperature for 12 months, Coco Aloha for 6 months - of course without preservatives or artificial colours.

    For more detailed information about Maresi Vienna Ice Coffee or Austria's most impressive collection of brands please have a look at www.maresi.at, www.viennaicecoffee.com and www.cocoaloha.eu.

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