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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : EMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA

Communiqué de presse

  • What is Sambal?

    15 Juin 2018

    Sambal by definition is hot sauce or paste with variety of chili pepper as its main ingredients. The naming of sambal itself is used in Indonesia. Perhaps, the most well - known sambal is sambal oelek or sambal ulek. In Indonesia, ulek means pestle, thus the name derived from the origin method of cooking which is using mortar and pestle.

    Indonesia, an archipelago country which consists of more than 17 thousand islands, more than a thousand tribes and ethnics; has a wide variety of cuisine, and sambal as one of the main condiment of the cuisine is no less flavorful and unique.

    By integrating preservation technique of the advanced technology, the freshness ingredients, and authenticity of Indonesian sambal delicacy; Java Peppers Industries with its brand 'Monsera' is presenting part of the wonderful legacy. Staying true to its motto - Monsera, the homemade tast of delicacies. Each sambal is processed from fresh and natural products. The ingredients are locally grown and produced in Malang, Indonesia.

    Monsera currently comes in 3 variant Sambal from three different regions. Sambal Matah originated from Bali, Sambal Bawang from East Java and Sambal Ijo from West Sumatra. Each sambal has its own unique taste. Any of these sambal goes well to accompany most of delicacy either chicken, fish, pork, or beef; grilled, fried, or stewed. For example, Sambal Matah goes really well with grilled/fried fish, chicken or pork. Sambal Ijo is commonly consumed with 'Rendang', Indonesian beef stew (voted in 2011 and 2017 as the best food in the world by CNN travel). Sambal Bawang is incredibly versatile and in East Java its consumed with nearly any dishes

    'We deliver the delicious taste of Indonesian Sambal to the world and frankly, there's more taste yet to be explored.' said the CEO of Javapeppers

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