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Flower & White

Flower & White - Autres confiserie de chocolat

Unit B1
Halesfield 11

TF7 4PH Telford

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Communiqué de presse

  • Raising the Bar

    01 Mars 2018

    An innovative addition to a stunning range of gourmet handcrafted meringues. Award-winning bakers of indulgence, Flower & White, have launched an innovative new range of Meringue Bars. Meringue & chocolate combined with under 100 calories per bar, what's not to love? What goes into them and the way they are made make our meringues truly unique. Meringue Bars are handcrafted using only the finest ingredients including free range eggs, natural flavours, natural colours & Callebaut chocolate. Slow baked to a traditional Swiss recipe, they're naturally gluten free, low fat and suitable for Vegetarians. Choose from Raspberry - raspberry flavoured meringue coated in white chocolate and raspberry crumble or Chocolate - chocolate flavoured meringue coated in dark chocolate and chocolate crumbs. Flower & White have revolutionised and challenged the way people think about, and use, meringues. They have whisked them up, slow-baked them and perfected every exquisite flavour - and the result is a show stopping collection of gourmet meringues. In the beginning there were the incredible Giants, followed by smaller yet equally as moreish Bites; and then came Drops - dinky drops in a kaleidoscope of colours. Now make way for Meringue Bars. With less than 100 calories per bar, it's a perfect sweet treat.Leanne Crowther, Co-Founder of Flower & White, said: "This is an exciting and innovative new addition to our collection, and caters for a whole new sector. Our natural Meringue Bars meet the boom in demand for snacking products which are low in fat/calories and contain fewer ingredients with a clean label. Our Meringue Bars also remain true to the ethos of Flower & White, in that they are great tasting, and they look beautiful too. They will stand out on any retail shelf as an irresistible grab and go sweet treat."

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