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Fitoguru - Produits à base de plantes

1/23 Stary Petrovsko Razumovsky Proezd
127287 Moscow

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  • Everything your body needs that most people don't get in their daily diet in one bottle of Fitoguru

    11 Octobre 2018

    Health From Nature LLC (HFN) is the market creator for functional juice/herbal drinks market in Russia. Current brand portfolio of the company includes 1 umbrella brand FITOGURU, which consists of 6 products bottled in glass and PET bottles. HFN distributes its products directly and via distributors to retail chains, drug stores, business-centers, fitness clubs.
    Fitoguru gives your everything your body needs that most people don't get in their daily diet. Unlike any other drink of its type, Fitoguru's all natural, clinically proven, formulas give your body exactly what it needs in precisely right amounts. But most of all, it tastes great!
    Fitoguru is made of a mix of natural super foods such as wild grown herbs, flowers, roots, berries, fruits and vegetables, and bee products. Unlike all juice and juice drinks, which are full of added sugar or unhealthy sugar substitutes, Fitoguru has no added sugar and no added sugar substitutes, no artificial colors and aroma additions, no GMO, no preservatives.
    Each functional drink of FITOGURU supports a particular health benefit thanks to the presence of 50% daily dose of biological active ingredients in each bottle arrived from the most powerful and natural food on earth. Our product offers purposeful help which supports, and not exhaust your health unlike energy drinks and food supplements.
    Functional benefits are supported by results of clinical studies carried out by Altay State Medical University, which acts as The Federal Agency for Healthcare and Social Development in Russia. By clinical research, FITOGURU Intellect helps to improve memory from 8 to 23%; FITOGURU Immuno increases antioxidant protection by 14%; FITOGURU Tonus decrease of physical asthenia by 8.9% and increase of total antioxidant activity in red blood cells by 8.3% and in plasma by 5.5%; FITOGURU Man's Force significantly reduces severity symptoms of chronic prostatitis and pelvic pain according to the NIH-CPSI scale (US National Institute of Health Prostatitis Symptom Index).
    Having built its business in Russia with proven distribution and velocity in retail, company expands its business to selective international markets, to execute its mission

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