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EDO Spa - Glace au yoghourt

Viale Aldo Moro,14
24054 Calcio

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  • EDO: a passion for ice cream

    09 Juillet 2018

    Edo Spa is an Italian company based next to Milan and dedicated to the production of ice cream.
    The Company is committed to experimentation and uniquely equipped to provide a complete offering of ice creams, focused on ice cream bars.
    While active in Italy with its own brands on several distribution channels (door-to-door included), Edo approaches now foreign markets as an ideal private label and co-packing partner to retailers and food producers, with more than 150 items in production and 30 formats.
    Started in 1955 thanks to the passion of Adele and her husband, Edoardo Brevi, Edo was in the beginning a simple artisanal production facility for making ice lollies. Between the late 1960s and early 1970s, the small production facility was gradually transformed and equipped with newer and more technological systems designed to meet the growing
    demand for innovative ice creams.
    In 2012, the third generation of the Brevi family adopted a fresh, young and far-sighted approach to the business, identifying new strategies to successfully take on a market in need of new and exciting ideas to satisfy extremely varied tastes and styles of consumption.
    Edo combined the knowledge developed through the B2C experience with the expertise in acting as a supplier and contract manufacturer for some of the most innovative industry players and is now a flexible and trusted partner for private labels. Relying on an established network of experts, Edo meets the strictest regulations for food safety, IFS Food Standard (version 6 April 2014) and ICEA Standard (organic certification).
    Its R&D Department is familiar with every contemporary market trend and need, from gluten-free to non-dairy ice creams, from healthy to indulgent, from organic to vegan.
    The Company will exhibit at SIAL, in Paris, from 21st to 25th October 2018, targeting during the fair the international market.

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