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DOZO tea

DOZO tea - Boissons énergisantes

Stands :

5C D 191


Meguro-ku Nakameguro 2-5-25
House nakameguro 402

1530061 Tokyo


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Communiqués de presse

  • DOZO, the first cool, refreshing drink with Japanese artisanal tea, that you make yourself !

    15 Juillet 2018

    It is rumoured in the land of the rising sun that matcha tea is the secret of Japanese longevity and good health. For matcha tea is in fact a superfood, with unique nutritional qualities.
    It is from this exquisite symbol of Japanese tradition, that Dozo has created a new, totally natural, preservative-free drink, that you make yourself at the time of drinking, thanks to a revolutionary new stopper, by mixing the tea with a particularly mild-tasting spring water.

    Artisanal Japanese tea is combined with a neutral-tasting mineral water so as to leave room for the tea to express
    itself. But where does this tea come from?
    DOZO's matcha is grown in the heart of the Shizuoka mountains, near Mount Fuji. It is produced using an eight-century-old technique called tana, in which the bushes are shaded by nets, resulting in higher quality leaves.
    From the growing of the tea and the careful picking of the first shoots in May, to the roasting and drying of the leaves in the tencha-ro oven, and finally, their grinding with granite mill stones, no stage is neglected in order to ensure that this green gold develops and retains its exceptional flavor.
    Based in Japan, the Dozo team is able to keep a close eye on the quality of the product (grown without pesticides), the environmentally-friendly production facilities (hybrid farms producing solar energy) and the well-being of the producers (application of fair trade principles).

    The traditional Japanese tea ceremony has many
    stages and can last up to four hours...Dozo maintains
    the same rigorous standards in terms of quality, but takes a
    more modern approach, with a somewhat shorter ceremony,
    more suited to the 21st century lifestyle.
    Enjoy our tea on the go, in the office, at home, before or after sport : this natural, premium quality, refreshing drink offers a new approach to drinking tea, inviting you to participate in a remarkable meeting between traditional Japanese culture and our modern way of life.

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