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DELICIUS RIZZOLI S.P.A. - Crème d'anchois appertisée

Via Micheli 2
43056 San Polo di Torrile (PR)

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Depuis plus de 40 ans Delicius a atteint l'excellence dans l'industrie du poisson avec cette touche typiquement italienne d'originalité. Delicius est certifié BRC, IFS, MSC, Kasher et FoS. 9 usines dans 5 pays assurent fraicheur des matières premières et la vitesse dans le traitement. Delicius, Parma dal 1974.

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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : CONSORZIO ITALIA DEL GUSTO

Communiqué de presse

  • Delicius introduces new fish products in SIAL 2018

    22 Octobre 2018

    Delicius is the Italian master of canned fish specialties. Starting as a family business, over 40 years Delicius successfully competed to achieve excellence in fish preserve industry (anchovy fillets/pastes, mackerels, sardines), with that typically Italian touch of originality. We are BRC, IFS, MSC, Kosher and FoS certified. Nine facilities in 5 countries allows for fresher raw material and speed in processing. Delicius, Parma since 1974

    Introducing New Products in SIAL 2018

    Grilled Mackerel Fillets (in olive oil, in brine, with spicy chili) 110g
    Just perfect for those who prefer the intense and peculiar taste of oily fish, the tender fillets of grilled Delicius mackerels are sourced from the precious Scomber japonicus colias species. They are carefully hand cleaned and filleted and then flavoured by the skilful grilling. Eating mackerels is good for your health because they are particularly rich in Omega 3, essential fatty acids that are so important to preserve normal heart functions. Light grilling makes their taste even better and makes those mackerels a succesful innovation.

    Delicius - Anchovy Fillets (reduced olive oil content) 25g
    Precious Mediterranean anchovies from the Engraulis encrasicholus species only, prepared and cured in the traditional Italian way. Packaging is truly innovative: a PET pouch that grants the best preservation of the fillets with just few olive oil drops and a modified atmosphere inside, avoiding the discomfort of greasing hands at the time of pulling out the product, as it happens sometimes with usual glass jars. When you open the pre-cut film, you get the perfectly whole fillets, thanks to the inner and clever PET tray too. Delicius selected those anchovies by size, to offer smart consumers the best choice for different use and needs. So 7cm lenght is perfect for cooking, 9cm is suitable for salads and the top 11cm is the right move to prepare toasted bread with butter and anchovies for a real Italian styled aperitivo.

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