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ARANET - Equipements et procédés pour toutes les industries alimentaires (multifilières)

24a, Ganibu Dambis
1005 Riga

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  • Aranet brings IoT revolution to the food industry!

    01 Aout 2018

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is helping manufacturers optimize business operations, reduce the impact of a recall and meet government requirements by providing continuous monitoring and record keeping at cold storages and freezers.

    The prediction is that number of active IoT devices will reach 30 billion by 2020! This means great opportunities and challenges for many manufacturers in a variety of industries.

    Wireless sensor networks can be used to measure anything from temperature and humidity to Co2, therefore being applicable in a variety of industries such as food manufacturing, cold storage, supermarket application and many other.

    SAF Tehnika is venturing into smart metering terrain with the new product line Aranet. Aranet is an environmental internet of things (IoT) temperature, humidity and CO2 monitoring solutions. The product line consists of two solutions - Aranet MINI for smaller site size applications, and the Aranet PRO for industrial-grade deployment.
    Aranet consists of a base station and wireless sensors that are environmentally durable. Wireless sensors can be placed outdoors and exposed to high levels of humidity. The sensors measure temperature, humidity and CO2, and send data that can be analyzed with a help of a computer software.
    The sensors have exceptionally low energy consumption that allows them to function up to 10 years without battery replacement. The user can add up to 100 sensors within at least 3 km/1.9 mi line-of-sight distance from the base station.
    Aranet PRO comes with free software. Easy to use interface allows viewing, analyzing and comparing data in real time from a computer, tablet or even a smartphone.
    Want to learn more? Contact us [email protected] to set up a meeting or visit our booth 7 A 284!

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