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CRUZ GROUP INC. - Boissons biologiques

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5C D 183


Sw. Marcin 29/1
61-806 Poznan

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Communiqués de presse

  • VIGO Kombucha & Yoko Matcha

    11 Octobre 2017

    VIGO Kombucha (www.vigokombucha.com) is a brewed tea, fermented by the bacteria in the controlled environment, providing both great refreshment and pro-health benefits. The active ingredient for fermentation comes from SCOBY, a Japanese tea mushroom that is added for some time to the tea. Kombucha is a natural antioxidant, it assists metabolism, immune system and has a detoxicating properties. VIGO is a great alternative to all artificial or highly sweetened carbonated drinks.

    YOKO Matcha (www.drinkyoko.com) is not another lemonade. It is the elixir of life which contains organic matcha tea, unrefined bio cane sugar and natural spring water. Nothing more, nothing less. Based on a traditional recipe, which does not need improvement. YOKO is the traditional Japanese art of drinking green herbal matcha tea rendered in a new form. YOKO is potent source of antioxidants that support metabolism, strengthen organisms, and boost energy while the catechins present in YOKO support brain function and improve memory. YOKO contains natural caffeine and is an excellent alternative to coffee. The L-theanine and the additional contents of matcha provide a calm energy, boost mood and concentration. YOKO was created according to the traditional ceremony, using organic and unprocessed pure matcha green tea from the certified farm. Enjoy a delicious matcha wherever you are and whenever you want it.

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