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  • DayUp Pearls - dessert without remorse on SIAL Paris 2018

    10 Juillet 2018

    DayUp Pearls is the first dessert in the market made from coconut cream, fruit mousses and tapioca pearls in ultraconvenient pouch packaging. Product is naturally gluten-free, contains natural ingredients and no artificial additives.
    This innovative product was created in ¿clean label" spirit what means that it does not contain preservatives, added sugar and other artificial additives.
    DayUp Pearls does not need refrigeration thanks to pasteurization process and convenient packaging. You can take the product wherever you want.
    There are 3 different variants of DayUp Pearls in our portfolio: with raspberry-bilberry mousse, with mango, with apricot mousse and cocoa. All three products contain: coconut cream ( 80% extract), shredded coconut and tapioca pearls. There will be presented three new tastes with: guava, pomegranate and cocoa-orange filling at the SIAL Paris 2018.
    DayUp Pearls was launched in October 2017. Product is available in most of big retail chains in Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovakia and Germany. Recommended shelf price is 1,29 EUR for 100g of product.
    Strong marketing campaign promoting DayUp products took place in Poland in May 2018. TV spot which accompanied the campaign was displayed under slogan "Instead of pulling a sweet lie, try the DayUp Pearls dessert" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DrgM87SuS0
    DayUp brand belongs to Arteta Sp. z o.o. - a thriving company from FMCG industry.

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