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ZBYSZKO COMPANY SA - Boissons gazeuses aux fruits

Stands :

5C E 027


Warszawska str. 239
26-600 Radom



Présent(s) sur le pavillon : ELTAR SP. Z O.O.

Communiqué de presse

  • NATURE IS YOUR HEALTH Natural products made by Zbyszko

    01 Octobre 2018

    Natural products manufactured by ZBYSZKO COMPANY

    Zbyszko Company has been focusing on pro-health trends for a long time . The mission of our company is to offer products without preservatives, artificial sweeteners and artificial colours. In 2017, we launched new line called VERONI active, which distinguished itself by designer and handy bottles as well, as innovative composition of the products. VERONI active line is addressed to people who are physically and mentally active, live in accordance with healthy trends and care for the right choice of food and drink. Consumer awareness of ingredients used in beverages and their benefits to the body is constantly growing in recent years, therefore our strategy for 2018 and the coming years is short: "100% natural". This strategy assumes expanding the VERONI active portfolio by new product, whose formulas are based on 100 % natural ingredients. We have just launched following products:

    Natural Energy Drink is an energy drink based on a completely natural composition available in 400 ml bottle. The product contains 140 mg of natural caffeine obtained from guarana and green coffee beans, which instantly adds energy to the action. It provides as much energy as two cups of coffee.

    Veroni active Natural Isotonic is based on 100% natural recipe, that includes only
    4 ingredients: water, highest quality NFC juice, cane sugar and salt.

    VERONI Active Natural TEA is a non-carbonated soft drink based on 100 % tea infusion, natural ingredients and high quality mineral water. There is no white sugar, no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colours. Sugar contained in the drink comes from the fruit juices: apples and lemons.

    ROKO Natural Lemonade is a carbonated soft drink based on 100 % natural ingredients and high quality mineral water.

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