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VIEIRA DE CASTRO SA - Spécialités de sucre cuits

Rua do Paco 514 Gaviao
PO box 45

4761 921 Vila-Nova-de-Famalicao
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  • Vieira de Castro celebrates 75 years

    21 Mars 2018

    The well-known Portuguese brand Vieira de Castro celebrates its 75th anniversary this year.
    Vieira will dedicate the year 2018 to the accomplishment of a set of commemorative actions through the campaign "The Taste of Our History", signaling thus this festive date.
    Carlos Vieira de Castro, current chairman of Vieira's Board of Management, points out that 2018 will have a second reason to celebrate, since this is also the year in which the brand's founder - and his father - António Vieira de Castro, would complete his hundredth birthday.
    Still as a commemorative element, and based on one of its most successful products, Vieira conceived a special cracker 75 years, the Cracker "Water Cracker Olive oil and Olives".
    Founded in 1943, and based in Vila Nova de Famalicão, Vieira de Castro associates with its family component - focused on the team spirit and in close proximity to the entire structure - an international component marking presence in several foreign markets.
    Being a reference not only in business terms, but also in regard to human and social aspects, Vieira is the largest Portuguese manufacturer of biscuits, almonds and sweets.