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Sorrento Sapori e Tradizioni Srl

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    10 Septembre 2018

    Two concepts that sum well up what Gusto Sorrento is: innovation reflects in the ongoing purpose of improving our products and creating new shapes & recipes; tradition is in the hands of our Italian Master Pizzaioli, whose skill and expertise give our products their unique semi-artisanal shape.
    GUSTO SORRENTO, the new brand of our range: essential, refined and traditional, combining the full taste of our area. The brand will be launched at SIAL 2018, an extraordinary opportunity to show our visitors our new face, ideas, fine recipes, new & appealing shapes.
    The dough of our Pizza Snacks is naturally leavened, the products are hand shaped one by one, filled with tasteful and selected ingredients, stone oven baked at direct contact with natural stones and then frozen, to preserve their natural freshness.
    Thery're enjoyable at any time during the day, quick to prepare in oven and easy to store at home.
    We are able to satisfy all distribution needing for Horeca, Retail, Home service, and can also provide customised items for Private Label.
    To allow our customers tasting the full flavour of our regional traditions we can also offer two other deliciousness:
    - Lamo', IQF buffalo mozzarella to prepare in microwave oven (the whole process is patented), manufactured within the PDO area of Mozzarella di Bufala, frozen without any liquid, enjoyable in 30 minutes as if just fresh made;
    - a range of exquisite typical Desserts, inspired by fragrances and tastes of our Region, especially the costs of Amalfi and Sorrento: lemon, nuts, ricotta¿Cakes, but also single-serving for microwave, frozen.

    We invite you all to visit us Hall 5A, stand S 143 and find out what's new at Sorrento Sapori, while tasting a delicious piece of Pizza Snack!