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Qingdao Countree Food Company Limited

Qingdao Countree Food Company Limited - Carottes appertisées

Stands :

5b MN 016


4-102, Changhaiyuan,
9# Qingyuan road

266071 Qingdao


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Communiqués de presse

  • Asparagus

    07 Juin 2018

    Countree Group and Its 3 Plants
    Qingdao Countree Food Co. Ltd, as a professional manufacturer on canned fruits and vegetables, is specialized in asparagus, sweet pepper, apples, peaches, pears, fruit cocktails, fruit cups and so on. With worldwide popularity, we export to top retailers like Woolworths, Carrefour, Metro, Ahold, Mercadona and Heinz over 100+ countries. We've got 3 plants and 3 brands COUNTREE, CIWAY and FESTIN looking for long termed partnership.

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