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PalGardens Agriculture Company

PalGardens Agriculture Company - Fruits surgelés

Road 90
Al Oja Village

00972 Jericho


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Communiqué de presse

  • PalGardens Agriculture Company

    12 Aout 2018

    Jericho City is the lowest and oldest city on earth (more than 10,000 years old). It is historically known as "The City of Dates" due to the fertility of its land and the quality of its date production, which made it today a production oasis for the famous Medjoul Dates.

    Medjoul or "King of Dates" as known in the markets large in size with dark brown color and wrinkled appearance. It is middle sweet in taste and has succulent caramel flavor.

    Pal Gardens through its skilled team of agronomists, technicians, and quality assurance consultants provide local farmers with consultation services on best production techniques according to highest international standards in order to improve the quality of output for farmers and to provide its valued customers with highest quality Medjoul dates.
    The dates are treated in Pal Gardens state of the art packinghouse with high care in order to reach final consumers washed, fumigated and sorted into different sizes and quality grades using advanced computerized technology. The dates are stored in a freezer warehouse and exported all year around to over 20 countries to satisfy every consumer taste.

    Our company is the leading exporter of Medjoul Dates from Palestine. We have the largest and most technologically advanced packing facility for over 10 years. Pal Gardens is also a member of Sinokrot Global Group of companies, which is the largest food investment group in Palestine since 1982.

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