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PLAZA MALLORCA SL - Huile d'olive extra vierge

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5b N 284

Epicerie Fine

Manuel Caballero Venzala, 2 1º b

23009 Jaén

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  • Limerencia, the excellence of an extra virgin olive oil

    07 Décembre 2017

    Limerencia is obtained from centenary olive trees, of Picual variety. They are selected in the Sierra Mágina Natural Park. In mid-October, these olive trees are harvested in their optimal moment, without harming the fruit or the olive tree. In a matter of 2 / 3 hours the juice is obtained. The whole process is carried out by mechanical and cold processes, under the supervision of the expert biologist, who indicates at which point of this process the best quality is obtained.
    It is filtered, the last step before reserving in a nitrogenous stainless steel tank, so that this "liquid gold" retains its aroma and flavor intact.
    It is only packaged on demand so that these special features are kept as long as possible.
    The result is an extra virgin olive oil from the first day of harvest, It's a limited edition gourmet product, because only 2,000 liters of this precious product are obtained.
    It has a powerful fruity and at the same time it is soft due to its balance between bitterness and itching (typical of the Picual variety), which are responsible for the great healthy properties of this EVOO.
    You will perceive aromas of fresh grass, tomato, almond and green banana. In addition to a mild flavor that makes it ideal to extol your best dishes.