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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : CYPRUS PAVILION

Communiqué de presse

  • Ph. Ph. Group invades the Dairy Market

    01 Juillet 2018

    The Credibility of Photos Photiades Group¿ in the Dairy Industry

    Halloumi is the famous traditional, semi-hard cheese of Cyprus which has been produced in the island for centuries.

    Due to its physical characteristics, Halloumi cheese always retains its shape and texture whatever you decide to do with it, like fry, bake, barbecue or grill. It is nowadays used by top Chefs in their recipes and proudly appears in famous supermarket shelf across the globe.

    Photos Photiades Group announces the establishment of a Joint Venture with a renowned Halloumi Supplier in Cyprus for the exportation of Halloumi Cheese in multiple varieties including:

    ¿ Halloumi with Chilies
    ¿ Halloumi with Herbs
    ¿ Low-fat Halloumi
    ¿ Halloumi in burger shape
    ¿ Halloumi in blocks
    ¿ Halloumi cubes

    The product is available for private label in a big variety of packaging material to suit each market's requirements.
    Ideal selling points for this product are restaurants, catering facilities, pubs, supermarkets and other grocery chains.
    This product will be exhibited at SIAL PARIS 2018, booth no. Hall 2, Stand N°2 L 091 in the Cyprus Pavilion.

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