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MERZDORF Fine Food - Autres charcuterie de volaille

Technologiczna 2
45-839 Opole


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  • Healthy chicken fillet snacks

    15 Octobre 2018

    MERZDORF is an inventor and manufacturer of innovative and healthy chicken fillet snacks. Our slogan is: "you are what you eat". Therefore, all our products are manufactured without the use of any chemical additives and preservatives. They are gluten-free, GMO-free and allergen-free.

    All products are based upon a long maturing process, followed by the phase of repeated cold-smoking. This innovative and unique, patented process is the company's know-how.

    Main features:
    Low fat 100% natural Ready-to-eat
    Low carb Allergens-free GMO-free
    High protein Gluten-free Preservatives-free

    The highlights of our products are:

    - long shelf life at room temperature,
    - short ingredients list,
    - unique and noble taste,

    We address our products to people aware of the importance of healthy living and balanced nourishment. A wide range of potential end customers (food stores, hotels, catering companies, bars and restaurants, gas stations, gyms and vending machines) opens many chances to enter into cooperation with us.

    MERZDORF offers you simply "The Healthy Way of Life".

    Chicks&Sport - what is it?

    Chicks&Sport is a portion of carefully selected, manually cleaned chicken breast, which is then condensed in the processes of long maturation and cold smoking. The meat is finally sliced and packed in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). Delicate and tasty ready-to-eat snack with incomparable flavour. Designed for athletes and all actively living people who pay attention to what they eat. Suitable for children and elderly people on a diet.

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