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  • Lady Sophia's tasty and elegant granola launches in France at SIAL Paris 2018

    09 Juillet 2018

    Lady Sophia Granola will launch for the first time in France at the SIAL Paris trade show in October 2018.
    The UK granola brand, already present in some European markets and Asia, is looking forward to debuting in Paris, at the world's largest food innovation exhibition.
    "We're very excited to be coming to France," says Tina Hinton, Business Development Manager. "Food plays an important role in French culture, and healthy breakfast cereal is a growing market, so we're pleased to have the opportunity to launch our Lady Sophia range here."
    Lady Sophia Granola combines gently baked, large clusters of golden wholegrain flakes with a variety of exciting flavours. All ingredients are high in fibre and free from lactose, artificial flavours and GMO. The full range is currently made up of 6 different flavours: Cranberry, Apple & Hazelnuts, Blackberry & Raspberry, Nuts, Tropical Fruits, and Honey & Almonds. Whether you prefer nutty, sweet or tangy, there's bound to be a favourite for everyone.
    "We've always believed that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and between all of us here at Lady Sophia, we've eaten our fair share of cereals over the years," adds Tina Hinton. "But we've never found any that ticked all the boxes so we thought, why not create our own?"
    Lady Sophia Granola can be enjoyed in many ways. You can have it the traditional way - with milk for breakfast - and be safe in the knowledge that it will stay crunchy; or enjoy it as a snack whenever you feel peckish. Alternatively, mix it with yogurt and fruits or, for true indulgence, sprinkle it over ice-cream for dessert.
    It is a beautiful product, standing out for all the good reasons. Its flavours are delicious, definitely more-ish, and will please even the more selective cereal lovers; its packaging is both eye-catching and elegant, and looks great on shelves.
    All Lady Sophia Granola flavours are available in 30g, 270g and 750g sizes and are baked in a BRC and IFS certified production factory.

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