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Communiqués de presse

  • Katayama Launches a range of Innovative Global Flavours

    01 Juillet 2018

    Katayama foods have launched its brand with an exciting range of global cuisine solutions of the home cook inspired by world travel. The brand is firmly rooted in the Orient but evokes world flavours inspired by the silk road and the ever-growing demand by consumers for authentic world foods to use at home, in convenient ready to use formats.
    The range encompasses all the major world cuisines, both established and emerging and covers sauces, dips marinades and spice mixes.
    All the ingredients are locally sourced and GAP certified, and are assembled in a BRC/IFS and HACCP certified production facility.
    Organic and Kosher are also available.
    visit www.katayama.co.uk to find out more.

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