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HIDA ALIMENTACIÓN - Ratatouille (produit traiteur)

P. ind. Arreaque, C/Manuel Castro
Fernandez S/N

30170 Mula


Présent(s) sur le pavillon : ICEX SPAIN TRADE AND INVESTMENT

Communiqué de presse

  • Hida is the real homemade taste

    07 Juin 2018

    Hida is the real homemade taste.
    Our passion for vegetable preserves begins in 1954, the year in which Mateo Hidalgo created the HIDA brand with the same philosophy of innovation, tradition and quality that we maintain today.

    HIDA is a leader in the category of homemade fried tomatoes in Spain, its products being recognized for its flavor and naturalness.
    In Hida alimentation we use only fresh vegetables selected each season and freshly harvested that bring all the natural flavor to our products. No preservatives or additives are included.

    Hida produce traditional recipes "homemade style", using the best vegetables from the orchards of Spain, extra virgin olive oil and all cooked over a simmer for more than two hours to get the authentic homemade flavor that we Difference.

    Since we harvest our vegetables until we pack the product, it takes only 24 hours, because we work directly without intermediate or semi-finished processes, maintaining the freshness and natural properties.
    Our portfolio of products includes more than 50 references between natural products, fried, organic, sweet, caramelized,... and our renowned gazpacho with a shelf life of 18 months in ambient temperature.