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GOLDEN MILE TRADE HOUSE - Fruits en conserve

Moskovsky Avenue, 135-A
61001 Kharkov

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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : ITC

Communiqué de presse

  • About Golden Mile Trade House

    17 Septembre 2018

    Golden Mile Trade House is a fast-growing company. It provides a complex of high-quality raw materials, ingredients and services aimed to ensure the food industry enterprises. During 12 years of successful work our company continuously develops new types of products, increases production capacities and expands the range of services provided by our specialists. That is why we always find opportunities to satisfy unique needs of each client and meet all market requirements. Our main activities are: production, trading, innovations and logistics.

    Production and trading.
    Golden Mile is a producer of a wide range of ingredients for bakery and confectionery such as poppy and fruit fillers, improvers, mixes, etc. We offer Ukrainian and imported goods as well and export only high quality products. Our grain cleaning complex provides high-efficiency cleaning and calibration of grain, legumes and oilseeds. The quality control service carries out constant and total control of raw materials and ensures compliance of our products with the highest world standards.

    Golden Mile Innovation Centre provides complex technological support. Highly professional food engineers work on new products development and testing, attend our customers for implementation of the products and optimization of production cycle. Trainings, seminars and workshops take place in our modern technically equipped area.

    Our warehouses with modern equipment in different parts of Ukraine and Poland and own logistics complex with huge car park is a good opportunities to meet all needs of partners with cargo transportation in refrigerators and food cisterns around Ukraine, Europe and Asia.

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