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Frispy - Produits à base de plantes

Rua Herminio de Mello, 296
13347-330 Indaiatuba
Sao Paulo



1 Produit


Présent(s) sur le pavillon : APEX BRASIL

Communiqué de presse

  • Press Release Frispy

    17 Septembre 2018

    Frispy was born from the desire to have something healthy, yummy and fun a quick snack between meals.
    With the proposal of something done for the bustle of the city, but with the benefits of the countryside.

    What inspires us?
    The lack of the market for fun snacks and the lack of choice for tasty and nutritious snacks..
    Frispy seeks to bring the concept of healthy, joyful and fun with quality, sustainability and the pride of being part of that brand.

    All done for you and thinking of you.
    Healthy products to bring joy to your daily life, without lactose, gluten free, no cholesterol, no peanuts, 100% vegan and no transgenics. Best for those seeking a healthy diet.

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