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FRUVE NATURAL FOODS - Fruits surgelés

Yali Mahallesi 6523 Sokak
No: 32A / 415

35550 Izmir

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  • Oven Dried and Oven Semi Dried fruits and vegetables (BRC, Halal certified)

    01 Aout 2018

    We are proud to introduce Oven Dried Mandarins that can be stored at +25 C and tastes like candy without any added sugar, preservatives or artificial flavours.

    Our signature product Oven Semi Dried IQF Frozen Tomato and Cherry Tomato are frozen with CO2 which allows for superior taste, setting us wide apart from our competitors (Halal and Kosher certified.)

    All processing is done inside our High-Care Low-Care, BRC and IFS certified plant, nothing is out-sourced. We never use sulfites, salts, chemicals, preservatives, sugar, artificial sweeteners or artificial colouring. Our High-Care Low-Care production standards ensure superior quality.

    All our products have 2 years best before dates.
    For first time clients, we can offer less than MOQ amounts.

    If you would like more information about this topic, please call Mr. Yasin MAVUK at +90 546 671 7805 or email [email protected]

    FRUVE is a family company, located two hour's from seaports, airports. Purchasing through contract farmers, there are never GMOs or hormones in products. Offering FARM to FORK traceability, OVEN DRIED inside BRC, IFS, Kosher, Halal certified plant. NEVER are sulfites, salts, chemicals, preservatives or sugar used during processing. Signature products: Oven Semi Dried IQF Frozen fruits and vegetables (-18 C storage, 2 years best before); Oven Dried fruits and vegetables (+25 C storage, 2 years best before). "FRUVE means QUALITY, and that's our PROMISE!"

    Contact: Yasin MAVUK (Mr.)
    Cell.: +90 (546) 671-7805
    Tel.: +90 (232) 671-7400
    Fax.: +90 (232) 671-7402
    Email: [email protected]
    Address: Saganci Mah. Tatartepe Sk. No:12, Bergama 35700/ Izmir, Turkey

    Website: www.fruvenaturals.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/fruvenaturalfoods/
    Instagram: www.instagram.com/fruvenaturals/