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DOBRODIYA FOODS LLC - Céréales en l'état ou transformées (flocons, soufflées, pellets...)

1A, Zadorozhniy lane
03040 Kyiv

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Communiqué de presse

  • Manufacturer of Breakfast cereals

    21 Octobre 2018

    Dear friends,

    You might be interested in discussing the prospects of mutually beneficial cooperation in cereals business. We are aiming to develop cooperation in the B2B and PL segment in accordance with needs of our clients. For your convenience, please find below more details of business activity of our company.

    Dobrodia Foods LLC is an integral part of the most innovative Ukrainian agri-food holding Agricom Group.

    Our newest factory Avena Head produces following cereal products: Oat flakes, Oat groats, Wheat flakes, Barley flakes, Rye flakes, Millet flakes, Buckwheat flakes, Corn flakes, Peas flakes, Rice flakes, Muesli, Oat bran, any mixtures of cereals.

    At the factory is used the latest technological equipment and technology by the Bühler Holding AG (Switzerland). Production facilities meets the requirements of the FSS¿ 22000, Halal, Kosher and Organic.

    Our flexible pricing system, quality control from the moment of growing the own grain to its transportation, storage, processing, packaging and delivery to your service 24/7.

    Be healthy and let us know your opinion about possible long-term cooperation.

    See you on SIAL Paris 2018,
    Yours Team of Dobrodiya Foods LLC