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Bogelgroup GmbH

Bogelgroup GmbH - Caviar (semi-conserve)

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5b M 245

Epicerie Fine

Friedrichstraße 94
10117 Berlin

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Communiqués de presse

  • Bogle White Caviar, a conscious luxury for caviar lovers.

    20 Octobre 2018

    White caviar has become an expensive delicacy in premium restaurants, hotels and resorts across the world. White caviar is already a growing trend in Europe, Japan and the UAE and now the delicate white eggs, with a subtle flavor and mellow texture, are being distributed by specialists, Bogelgroup GmbH. With an earthy taste and hints of woods and forest mush- rooms, original pearl colour, exceptional flavor and exclusive appeal, Bogle White Caviar is a symbol of style and desirabili- ty. A product to be found only on the most prestigious of tables around the world, it is definitive of fine cuisine and a five-star lifestyle. For those who seek high-class restaurants, luxury hotels and champagne bars, Bogle White Caviar is the ultimate extravagance. Served marinated in herbs these tiny eggs were once known as `Pearls of Aphrodite' for their supposed aphrodisiac quality and were served at banquets for wealthy ancient Romans, Egyptians and Greeks.

    Pioneers of a movement towards conscious luxury and the largest breeders of the edible Helix Aspersa Muller snail, Bogelgroup GmbH, believes that their pearl escargots are a decisively responsible option for caviar lovers. White caviar is sourced slowly, carefully and sustainably by hand using tweezers. Production of white caviar is a cruelty-free, labour inten- sive process based on modern technology. There are very limited amounts of this product released to the market - 26 thou- sand eggs are needed to produce 1 kilogram of caviar. Each snail produces 100 eggs on average, which is equal to 5 grams, therefore availability of these white pearls is exclusive and sold at a premium.

    Bogelgroup GmbH is passionate about having direct control over each and every aspect of production to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and quality possible. The Bogelgroup GmbH aims to act responsibly when harvesting and pays exceptional attention when selecting each egg. For this reason, workers collect each egg manually and extremely gently. Once collected each egg is cleaned and transferred to appropriately prepared brines where it is left to grow in flavor.


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