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Bluecup B.V.

Bluecup B.V. - Café et dérivés (extraits...)

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  • Pod coffee, hold the guilt

    24 Avril 2018

    As a former barista and insufferable coffee snob, I long believed coffee pod machines were beneath me. My kitchen cupboards are like a museum dedicated to the pursuit of extracting caffeine from a bean, from cold drip to Moka Pots, Aeropress to Vario. No method was too time-consuming or pretentious for me to try.
    But over the last few years, my attitude toward pod machines has softened. After using them in various hotels and conference centers, I had to admit the taste had improved. More importantly, my two-year-old doesn't have the patience for me to perform a fancy coffee routine each morning, so it was either her or the coffee, and I've grown quite fond of her.
    But as much as I was willing to give pods a chance, there was still the problem of waste. Pod-based coffee makers are incredibly wasteful compared to any other form of brewing. So before settling on a machine, I did some research.
    Nespresso customers can recycle used pods at more than 19,000 locations in Australia, or send them back through specially designed Australia Post satchels. And thanks to Nespresso's market dominance, there are far more third-party reusable pod solutions. Nespresso seemed the only choice for those wanting an environmentally friendly pod coffee.

    Using Nespresso's own pods, the Lattissima makes a surprisingly good short black and macchiato, an excellent long black if you're prepared to sacrifice two pods to a cup, but lattes taste overwhelmingly like warm milk. As a long black drinker, the unit was perfect for my testing purposes.

    Finally, I tried BlueCup, another refillable pod solution. BlueCup comes with its own "cup creator", a twistable tamper that brings the ritual and pretension of coffee brewing to pods. BlueCup produced by far the best flavour of coffee, and a crema I didn't think was possible from pod machines. Preparing the pods before bed didn't seem to lessen their flavour the next morning, so you could have your ritual, and still leave for work on time.