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1130 Vienna

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La sève de bouleau est notre passion. Nous réinventons constamment nos produits pour que nos clients puissent profiter des produits naturels les plus innovants.


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Communiqué de presse

  • "Absolutely Wild" Organic Birch Water Chosen as SIAL Innovation Selection

    10 Septembre 2018

    "Absolutely Wild" Organic Birch Water Chosen as SIAL Innovation Selection.

    Absolutely Wild Birch Water has been chosen by an independent expert jury as a SIAL Innovation Selection for 2018. Our organic birch water is sustainably hand-harvested in the wild forests of Northern Europe, so it is really absolutely wild! The newest generation of birch water - with SUPERFOODS - is Europe's powerful alternative to Coconut Water.

    Birch Water - A Traditional Drink from Nature
    For centuries, birch water is known in Northern and Eastern Europe as a traditional natural drink that has many positive benefits for the body. The harvest of birch sap takes place only for a few weeks in the Spring, when the trees come back to life. During this short period, the sap is filled with the nutrients that have been stored in the tree roots during the Winter, providing energy to the new birch buds. Thanks to its valuable mix of minerals, micro-elements and anti-oxidants, birch water has been highly valued for many generations.

    New at SIAL: Absolutely Wild BIRCH POWER
    The newest generation of Absolutely Wild Organic Birch Water will be presented at the SIAL exhibition in Paris: BIRCH POWER - Birch Water with SUPERFOODS. Four exquisite new flavours: PURE, CLASSIC (modestly sweetened with organic agave), with ARONIA Superfruit from Europe, and with MATCHA Superfood from Japan. Adding organic Aronia Juice and organic Matcha Tea to birch water makes it even more powerful. These exceptional combinations are not only delicious - they and have less calories than coconut water!

    Prestigious International Awards
    Absolutely Wild Birch Water was selected by the expert jury of ANUGA 2017 from more than 7,000 new products for the Taste Innovation Show in Cologne. In November 2017, our Birch Water received first place as "Best New Organic Drink" at the Nordic Organic Food Fair in Sweden. In 2018 our organic birch water was selected at the GULFOOD Innovation Award in the category "Best Soft Beverage".

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