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  • Selected hazelnuts from sunny Azerbaijan by AZERSTAR LLC.

    13 Septembre 2018

    AZERSTAR exports the hazelnuts already over 10 years to CIS countries, EU, and the USA offering the customers natural, blanched or chopped hazelnut kernels as well as the hazelnut flour that is commonly used in confectionery business.

    The key of AZERSTAR's production process is a cultivation of nuts without any chemicals and pesticides, which results into an ecologically safe, natural hazelnut with high content of oil. AZERSTAR LLC possesses 120 ha of own gardens where hazelnuts grow and also purchases nuts from local farmers. The own gardens and the production facilities have been certified and became the first company in Azerbaijan that started to export its nuts with an "Organic" label. The quality of products is controlled by the HACCP food safety system integrated into production and confirmed with ISO 9001:2015 and FSSC 2000 certificates.

    "Our company performs the hazelnuts production for almost 20 years. Our maximum was about 10,800 tons of nuts processed during a year and 99 % of them were exported to various countries", said Nizami Emreli, CEO of AZERSTAR's European office. "The hazelnuts from Azerbaijan are one of the three best-quality nuts in the world and one of the most popular nuts in EU and CIS countries. We're glad that AZERSTAR has a significant role in their exporting. We are always open to cooperation and the first hazelnuts exporter in Azerbaijan that offers the customers a Private Label service."

    Because the company controls the whole production cycle from growing nuts in favorable north-west regions of Azerbaijan to their packing and delivery, the AZERSTAR LLC became a strong player on the world market of hazelnuts.

    AZERSTAR LLC offers their customers various package sizes - from 50 grams to 1,000 kg! The packages assure that hazelnuts will keep their physical and taste properties for a long time.

    You can find more information about us at the booth No. 4 M 090 at "SIAL PARIS 2018" exhibition on the 21-25 of October 2018.

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