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A Poveira

A Poveira - Cabillaud appertisé

Parque industrial de Laúndos, Lt 46
4570-311 Laúndos
Povoa de Varzim

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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : PORTUGAL FOODS

Communiqué de presse


    20 Septembre 2018

    Combining traditional techniques to advanced manufacturing technology and High Quality Standards, MINERVA achieves a product of excellence. Flagship brand of the Cannery POVEIRA, a factory located in the North Coast of Portugal that manufacturers locally all of its products.
    With a constant concern to preserve tradition, MINERVA seeks at the same time to meet the desires of consumers increasingly demanding. MINERVA large range of products, produced with the best fish, offer classic recipes, as well as recipes that surprise with tasty new flavors.
    Health and Sustainability are in the center of MINERVA canned fish development of products: organic (bio) certified products, MSC fish, low fat and low salt products, high levels of protein are attributes that Minerva puts in different varieties.
    Since 1942 MINERVA is in the most demanding markets, and their products are recognized for quality, excellence and traditional manufacturing.
    Today MINERVA factory is positioned in the industry as a high quality Cannery, which responds in the best way to different challenges proposed by their clients.
    Along with MINERVA Poveira owns other brands that are distributed both national and internationally.
    At the same time, Poveira is a leading supplier of prestigious international and national distributors. Poveira puts its expertise at the service of its private label clients, assisting and advising, and contributing value to each client brand.