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UNIPER LIMITED - Figues sèches

Office N° S05, 27/F., E Trade Plaza
24 Lee Chung Street
Chai Wan

- Hong Kong

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Domaine d'activité

Cible client

  • Distribution/Commerce
  • Restauration

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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : INC - INTERNATIONAL NUT & DRIED FRUIT COUNCIL

Communiqué de presse

  • UniPer Limited exports Pistachio, Pistachio Kernel, Dried Fig and Dried Pink Rose Bud worldwide

    10 Octobre 2016

    UniPer Limited has an active share in exporting Iranian Pistachio, Pistachio Kernel, Dried Fig and Dried Pink Rose Bud worldwide. We are proud to be among top 5 Iranian exporters by exporting approximately 200 containers per year. Our target markets are mainly China, CIS Countries and Europe. By using comprehensive modern processing facilities we are proud to achieve all types of customers' requirements. Our main goal is providing our customers with best quality product besides our competitive price. We believe that most can be learned with practice and by developing a winning attitude, especially if we set goals and apply ourselves, through strategic planning, to reach those goals in incremental and measurable stages. UniPer Limited supplies international distributors and is keen to explore new business opportunities worldwide. Based on our experience in this industry we understand our clients' requirements and are committed to a high quality and service. One of our aims is to ensure that our clients benefit from their investment. More information about UniPer Limited can be found at For additional information contact: [email protected]

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