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TORREVELLA - SOTARONI - Produits traiteur divers

Ptda. Polop Alt, 31- Cv795 Km. 11,5
P.O. Box, 14

03800 Alcoy

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  • Distribution/Commerce

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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : GENERALITAT VALENCIANA

Communiqué de presse

  • Glaze of Vinegar Moscatel 12

    30 Mars 2016

    We would like to introduce our company Torrevella Explotación Agrícola, S.L., which are growing, manufacture, bottled and distribution Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is the first pressing in cold of the Arbequina variety. We produce too excellent Wine Vinegars Pedro Ximénez grape and Muscat grape. Our land is placed in the Mariola mountains near to Alcoy, we have 50.000 olive trees, which we extract an annual production of 200.000 Kg of olive oil with the most modern and avant-garde techniques in Europe. All this, join a special selection and a crush process in the Arbequina olives give an unique taste and an excellent quality to our product. As New release: GLAZE OF VINEGAR MOSCATEL 12 PRODUCED IN SPAIN From our Muscat Vinegar elaborated product which has all the aroma and flavor of our vinegar. Sensory Tasting: dark mahogany, with a dense texture and a fruity touch that reminds us of Muscat. Pleasant taste. How to use: Ideal for grilled fish and seafood, to dress any kind of salad and pasta, very useful for making sauces and to give a special touch to your desserts.