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  • Great Tasting Spice Drops® for Every Culinary Need

    30 Juillet 2016

    Spice Drops® is a 30 strong range of highly concentrated extracts of herbs & spices that can be used domestically or professionally to add authentic taste to any recipe in just a few drops. From curries to sauces, baking to chocolates & all kinds of drinks including cocktails and tea, Spice Drops® are a kitchen `must have'. Made using natural extracts, majority being locally sourced, Spice Drops® are vegan, gluten free, contain no artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives & have no added salt or sugar. Unlike dried herbs & spices which lose their flavour & aroma very quickly, Spice Drops® retain their intensity for three years, ensuring consistent flavouring & reliable results every time. The extraction process, which has been perfected over 20 years, also ensures the natural goodness of the raw ingredients is retained too. The beauty of Spice Drops® is their simplicity & ease of use. Each bottle (5ml for retail & 100ml to 5l bottles for catering) come equipped with a pipette which allows for easy, accurate dispense, removing the need to grind, grate or chop up the raw ingredients. Each bottle also clearly states the number of drops needed to replicate the effects of, for example, half a teaspoon, two pods or three leaves of the raw or dried ingredient. Spice Drops® can also be added at any point in the recipe to ensure the optimum flavour is achieved. At the recent 2016 Great Taste Awards, 10 Spice Drops® were awarded one or two stars bringing the total tally up to 16, more than half the range. Across the board the judges commented on the authenticity of the individual flavours, quite often `astounded at the strength & brightness of flavour just a single drop produced'. Spice Drops® are ethically sourced & ethically produced in the factory in Kerala which is a women's enterprise employing mainly disadvantaged women. Launched in the UK in 2013, Spice Drops ® have slowly but surely been growing a fan base amongst amateur and professional chefs in UK.

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