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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : ISTANBUL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

Communiqué de presse


    02 Aout 2016

    SÖZER FOOD AND FOODSTUFF PRODUCTS TRADE IND.INC. has entered the industry in 1990 with varieties of Turkish coffee, and since 1996 has been carrying out contract manufacturing for the leading chain markets in Turkey. Furthermore, the firm which with every passing year improves its product range and customer structure has begun the production of miscellaneous instant coffees, coffee creams, 3 in 1 product range, hot chocolate drink, salep (a drink made of orchis root in hot milk with added cinnamon), cappuccino, ready deserts, auxiliary product range for cooking, flour mixes under Milker brand, and aromatic powder drink and granule varieties under Orello brand from Milker, thus has enhanced its product portfolio. Sözer Gida A.S. keeps the product quality and hygiene at the utmost level, and carries out its manufacturing in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices by its 145 staff members in its manufacturing plant established in Kiraç, Esenyurt over an indoor area of approximately 7.000 square meters. SÖZER FOOD AND FOODSTUFF PRODUCTS TRADE IND.INC. holds certificates of ISO:2008, BRC and Turkish Standards Institute which are requisite for food production. In the factory, which in terms of production capacity, has one of the highest tonnages in Turkey, each stage of the production such as milling, roasting, mixture, filling, packaging, storage and logistic processes are orderly and neatly performed. The firm which actively exports to 20 countries, rapidly improves its customer structure abroad, and takes its place on foreign markets. We will be glad to host you at SIAL Paris 2016.