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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : ISTANBUL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

Communiqué de presse

  • SAADET at SIAL Paris 2016

    29 Juillet 2016

    Saadet Food Co., is a professional confectionery goods manufacturer and an exporter in Turkey, specializes in gummy candy, chewing gum, gum ball, bubble gum, jelly, marshmallow, hard candy, toffee, surprise egg, chocolate compound lentils and licorice. We manufacture confections in our 55.000m2 covered factory area located in Istanbul; our production capacity is 4,800 tons per month. On the account of practicing modern technology in our hygienic complex, we hold a quality department as well as a modern food lab in the house. Our products have been delivered to more than seventy countries in all continents mostly, Europe, North America, Far East, South America, Middle East and Africa. We will be glad to host you at our booth during the exhition.