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"Resource" Group of Companies

"Resource" Group of Companies - Coq, poule, poulet découpés marinés

Bolshoy Savvinskiy lane 11
119435 Moscow

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  • "Resource" Group of Companies Will Present Poultry Meat Halal Products at SIAL Paris 2016

    01 Octobre 2016

    "Resource" Group of Companies is one of the leading agro-industrial companies in Russia. Our business profile includes such activities as production and sale of poultry meat products, corn and oil crop growing, manufacturing of related products. Competitive advantage and financial security of "Resource" Group are the result of vertical cooperation, which allows company management to control all the steps of production. Our production facilities are located in Southern, North Caucasian and Central Federal Districts of Russia. These regions are most favorable for farming sector development due to their climatic parameter, access to transportation and professional background of local experts. We sell only natural high quality environmentally sound and own make products. Our range of articles in stock has more than 200 items. Company's brand portfolio includes such trademarks as "Blagoyar", "Blagoyar Gold", "An-Noor", as well as halal product line. The "Resource" Group rapidly develops export of the products. For the last few years Company heads the list of Russian poultry meat products exporters with the volume of supply over 20,000 tons per year. We supply our products to the markets of CIS, Europe, Middle East, Africa and East Asia, and our plans include territorial extension of international trade. At the SIAL Paris 2016 we present frozen poultry meat products trading as "An-Noor". Manufacturing of halal products under this trademark is organized according to the regulatory requirements and certified according to the standard GSO 993:1998. ICSC Halal of Russia Council of Muftis the United Arab Emirates Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources accredited certification authority carries out control of industrial process. The "Resource" Group team consists of talented professionals. More than 11,000 people in our Company work every day to provide millions of families all over the world an opportunity to purchase high quality food products.