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RDA S.R.L. - TOSCANA IN TAVOLA - Autres sauces traiteur

Via Aldo Moro, 52 - Le Badie
56040 Castellina Marittima



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  • Distribution/Commerce

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Communiqué de presse

  • Toscana in Tavola

    10 Avril 2016

    Since 1997 RDA Srl produces with passion high-end handmade tomato-based sauces, exquisite meat ragout and bolognaise sauces, soups and vegetables as well as many other typical Tuscan specialties, including seafood, all in a glass jar and storable at room temperature without chemical preservatives; the products are distributed with our own registered brand Toscana in Tavola. Organic certified products are also available besides the conventional product range and several specialties are made from local ingredients and produces in support of our "short food chain" policy. When imagining our future, we no doubt see ourselves getting closer and closer to our potential customers, reaching their highly quality demands. We feel confident we'll be able to gain international success without lacking that valuable trait of artisan production which distinguishes our products from the others. In order to do this, "everything will be automatically run, except the kitchen, of course!". Our potential development resides in this sentence: to increase the quantity and if possible, to improve the quality thanks to the most modern technologies without compromising the genuinity. "A cook will always be behind the pot" as the man will always be in our kitchen-laboratories, because cooking is all about expressing our creativity and the human being is the only "creative engine" we all know.

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