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QIXIAN QILIN FRUIT CO., LTD - Salades 4ème gamme

Xiguan Village, Zhaoyu Town, Qixian
030900 Jinzhong


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  • Distribution/Commerce

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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : Beijing Yinqicheng Intl Exhibition Co.,Ltd

Communiqué de presse

  • Gong pear pear

    06 Septembre 2016

    QIXIAN QILIN FRUIT CO.,LTD Qixian pear industry is to promote the development of leading enterprises, is the only set of Qixian pear storage, sales, technology development base, the company plus farmers plus pollution-free base orders and other integrated services Industrial Company . Legal representative in Kien Giang, was for many years by the city and county in recognition of outstanding young broker, science and technology experts, model workers. The company is engaged in its long-term corporate marketing pear on the basis of self-accumulation rely entirely on building up marketing entity, it began operating from 1991 fruit storage and transportation business. The company officially registered in 2004 with a registered capital of 80 million, has now been completed and the thermostat controlled atmosphere cold storage 4 (seat), were built in 2001,2002,2004, 2005, cold storage area of ??7,000 square meters, construction area of ??5,200 square meters, inventory capacity of 3.5 million kg, now fixed assets reached 6.68 million yuan; in 1997, the company has 100 acres of fruit trees construction technology demonstration park; completed in 2005, a pollution-free fruit bases the recognition of product certification , identified pollution-free fruit base area of ??10.01 hectares, of which the base area of ??60,000 mu of pollution-free pear, apple base of 4.01 million mu. From 2005 to August 2006, the company has frozen pear turnover of 4.5 million kilograms, a little straight amounted to 3 million kg.