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PALINKA LTD. - Champagne

Csorvasi Ut 19/3.
H-5600 Bekescsaba



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  • Distribution/Commerce

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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : AGRICULTURAL MARKETING CENTRE LTD.

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  • Magna Macum - Poppy seed Liqueur

    01 Octobre 2015

    MACUM is unique alcoholic drink made from Brandy and Poppy Seeds. Poppy Seed as a plant was already known in the ancient times. It can be found on cave drawings as early as the time of the Sumerians. Numerous old records and ancient authors mention its beneficial effects on the human body since the beginning of mankind. During its long history many of its positive attributes have been discovered. Its high mineral content, bone and immune system strengthening impact made this particular plant highly demanded and sought for across the globe. People still to this day refer to it as "black gold", ¿white lotus" or the ¿flower of pleasure". Even though this versatile plant can be utilized in various ways, we strongly believe that the Brandy Manufactory of Kereszturi has found the best method; by merging Poppy Seed with palinka (a traditional distilled spirit in Hungary). This process resulted in the birth of a truly unique alcoholic drink; the MACUM. The name evolves from "mak", the Hungarian term for Poppy Seed. During the distillation process palinka absorbs the flavor and aroma of the Poppy Seed that gives a special, unmistakable flavor to MACUM. This very unique flavor, silky texture and mild taste surely seduce any person on any given day or occasion. Since Poppy Seed is associated with luck and fortune in Hungary, MACUM is definitely something you do not want to miss tasting. Enjoy! Cheers! and Egeszsegedre!