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Cible client

  • Distribution/Commerce
  • Restauration
  • Snacking / Restauration


Présent(s) sur le pavillon : ISTANBUL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

Communiqué de presse


    18 Juillet 2016

    Established in 1979, Pagmat is a closely-held corporation operating in dried fruit and textiles business. Pagmat's production facilities are located in the heart of main growing areas in the Aegean region of Western Turkey. Directed for industrial/ingredients business and retail users, Pagmat Food's product range includes mainly vine fruits such as sultanas and raisins, and high moisture dried grapes. We also process apricots, figs and diced dried fruit mixes which is widely used as ingredient in bakeries, breakfast cereals, chocolate and ice-cream production or consumed as snack food. During the process, Pagmat utilizes laser scanners and x-ray systems and metal detectors in addition to standard washing, hand-picking and mechanical sorting systems. The plant has one of the best equipped microbiological and toxicity laboratories in the industry. Pagmat has BRC v7, Helal, and Kosher certificates. We will be glad to host you at our booth during the exhibition.