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Moocos Vietnam Co., Ltd


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  • Gac Fruit is from heaven

    29 Janvier 2015

    Different names of Gac Fruit in the world: Common Name: Gac? (Original from Vietnamese); Botanical Name: Momordica cochinchinensis Spreng?; Other Names: Mu Bie Guo (Chinese); Bhat Kerala (Indian); Fak Khaao (Thai); TRADITIONAL USE IN VIET NAM: Traditionally, gac fruit has been used as both food and medicine in the regions in which it grows. Other than the use of its fruit and leaves for special Vietnamese culinary dishes(like Xoi Gac), Gac is also used for its medicinal and nutritional properties. In Vietnam, the seed membranes are said to aid in the relief of dry eyes, as well as to promote healthy vision. Similarly, in traditional Chinese medicine the seeds of gac, known in Mandarin Chinese as mùbiezi (Chinese: ???), are employed for a variety of internal and external purposes. NUTRIENTS AND PHYTOCHEMICALS INSIDE GAC FRUIT: Lycopene/ß-carotene/Vitamin C&E/zeaxanthin/zinc