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Maersk Line

Maersk Line - Transport, transit, entreposage

Esplanaden 50
1098 Copenhagen

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  • Innovating the way we ship cargo with Remote Container Management

    01 Juin 2016

    Innovating the way we ship cargo with Remote Container Management At Maersk Line, we are at the forefront of finding new ways to enhance cargo care. One of our new developments that takes the transportation of perishable goods to the digital era is Remote Container Management (RCM). RCM is a game-changer in the world of refrigerated transportation. RCM uses a box known as the Remote Container Device (RCD), two antennas and mobile signal to turn a regular refrigerated container into a digitally connected device. RCM has been in the works for five years and finally went live in 2015. Now fully implemented in 270,000 Maersk Line refrigerated containers, RCM lets us track data such as the location, power status, temperature, humidity and air supply in the container even while at sea. New solutions to improve cargo care "With RCM, we have developed a new inspection method which allows us to send our reefer units in a proper condition to our customers way faster than before. Thanks to an algorithm which calculates the predictive condition of the reefer upon arrival we send the unit to a full pre-trip inspection only when needed" explains Catja Rasmussen, Head of RCM Maersk Line. By ensuring and monitoring the ideal environment of the refrigerated goods across all the links in the supply chain, RCM improves the quality of the cargo upon arrival. "The cargo care can be improved on the ships - the reefer technicians aboard now receive data from each container every hour, and if there is a problem they now have the visibility to fix the specific box that needs attention" concludes Catja Rasmussen. With RCM, we are taking shipping into the future! Visit us to discover more:

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